Sad, angry, jealous, and accountable feelings may make you a healthier grownup. Figuring out the reason behind your bad emotions and getting to know from unpleasant experiences makes you improved, and that success can elevate happiness- but in case you suppress and ignore bad emotions, you get rid of the steadiness of respectable and bad. Because the big difference of feeling sad is what makes feeling convinced so fantastic, happiness wouldn’t in fact exist if you’d never in reality embraced your disappointment. Source  Source 2  Source three


Posted on: March 12, 2018

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Sad, angry, jealous, and guilty feelings can make you a healthier person. Figuring out the reason for your negative emotions and learning from unpleasant experiences makes you stronger, and that success can bring happiness- but when you suppress and ignore negative emotions, you eliminate the balance of good and bad. Because the contrast of feeling sad is what makes feeling happy so wonderful, happiness wouldn’t really exist if you’d never truly embraced your sadness. Source  Source 2  Source 3

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